A Word from Deputy Director

ACS (Independent) is the first HSP Centre in Singapore that runs the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

We started with our pioneer Class of 2012. Every batch after that did not disappoint the school with their strong academic performance. Sterling results have been evident among our HSP scholars in every IB exam. Many of our graduates have been accepted by highly reputable local and overseas universities studying courses that they are passionate about.

I want to commend all my colleagues in the HSP teaching team who have patiently guided each batch of scholars with a loving pastoral heart towards impressive academic achievement and at the same time ensuring a good balance in the social and emotional needs of these precious students who have come under their care.

It is also my wish for all who have graduated from this special programme to continue to pursue their passion for the arts and humanities in order to give back to Singapore in the administrative & civil service, legal sector, academic & education fraternity, arts & entertainment industry, social work & community service arena.

I really love to have you all come back to speak to your juniors when you are available during Term time so that we can hear of your stories after graduation.

Lastly, for all who are inspired and keen to join the HSP in Year 5, I am pleased that you have taken a major step to join the ranks of many who have gone before you in this fun and exciting IB journey. It is not the scholarly achievement you will get out of HSP, it is the class bonding, fun-loving teachers and differentiated curriculum that you will surely remember for a long time.

The Best Is Yet To Be!

Mr Paul Tan

Deputy Director

HSP@ACS (Independent)