Dr Goh Keng Swee Nation Building Series

The Dr Goh Keng Swee Nation Building Series is a signature programme of the ACS (Independent) Humanities Scholarship Programme. An illustrious ACSian and one of Singapore’s founding fathers, the series was named after Dr Goh as he had made many invaluable contributions to Singapore.
The series was designed to achieve the objectives of Singapore’s National Education (NE), and aims to extend the students’ learning experience beyond the classroom and develop in them a greater understanding of Singapore’s unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities.
A number of activities are organised under this series:

  1. The “Future Thinking Challenge” which aims to provide a platform to engage junior college students in a systematic way of thinking and examining Singapore’s future through the RAHS (Risk Assessment Horizon Scanning) software which was developed by the RAHS Programme Office, Prime Minister’s Office.

Students will be trained to use academic frameworks, research methods and utilize the RAHS software in developing future scenarios for Singapore. This competition is organized by ACS (Independent) and the RAHS Programme Office, PMO and is open to all junior college schools in Singapore.

  1. “In Conversation With…” dialogue session also provided students the opportunity to engage politicians on topics related to the theme. Previous speakers include Mr S Iswaran, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Mr Lawrence Wong. Mrs Josephine Teo and Mr Lim Swee Say.