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“Our School, Our Stories (OSOS) Photo Contest”

This year, Claire Khoo and Claire Chua, both Year 5s  took part in the “Our School, Our Stories (OSOS) Photo Contest” organized by MOE to share photographs that reflect priceless moments in school,  school life, and the spirit of school community. The team is very excited to be one of the 8 recipients who have winning shots under ‘My School Community’ category! The photo submitted was taken during a whole school – Track & Field Meet.


ACPhotographic Society Outing-2019







AC Photog had an enriching first term in 2019! On the 27th of February 2019, we visited the photo exhibition titled “Our Place in the World” hosted by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin. The aim of this exhibition is to raise funds for various charitable organisations. Pupils walked away awed by the photographs. They also brought home with the message that despite the different roots, homes and cultures, we all share the same world and we are all bonded together under one humanity. – S. Akash (5.11 Psalms)


World Water Day Photo Contest

On 2 March, Ryan Thomas Ang won an award in World Water Day Photo Contest organised by NYAA that aimed to highlight the importance of water. Ryan said, ‘I am grateful and honoured to be given the opportunity to showcase my work in the public eye. In our daily lives, most people have neglected the simple unintentional act of water wastage like spillage of water which is often regarded minuscule and unimportant. I think that the key message from World Water Day 2019 is the importance of saving water and I think my photograph captures this.’ – Ryan Thomas Ang, 4.12


4th International Students’ Photo Festival Exchange 

Japan International Photo Competition 01

Japan International Photo Competition 02

Japan International Photo Competition 03














Three of our ACPhotographers, Joash Lee of class 3.05, Akash of class 4.10 and She Yiyi of class 5.04, had the prestigious opportunity of representing the nation and the school in the 4th International High School Students’ Photo Festival Exchange held in Hokkaido, Japan from the 2nd of August till the nation’s birthday. The festival welcomed 21 teams of three from 19 countries around the globe. The three of them certainly gained exposure to the culture and tradition of various regions. Exchanging souvenirs with the other photographers also gave ample opportunity and time for the photographers to bond and become very comfortable with one another at the end of the 9 days of pure fun, laughter and bonding. The trio competed with and against their peers in 3 photo sessions held in the town of Higashikawa and Asahidake. The photographers had a fruitful time clicking away their elegant pieces of art, immersing themselves in the warmth of the Japanese culture, cuisine and festive mood along the way. At the end of the photo sessions, our photographers didn’t fail to blow the minds of many with their stunning clicks, which were meticulously planned to bring out the dashing plethora of colours in the surroundings that are often missed by the naked eye. Their manipulation of light also moved the judges who exhibited their mere awe upon looking at the pieces of pure art. Akash SB of class 4.10 also attained the Individual Special Award with the support of our school family

Canon Photomarathon 2018 

28 July 2018 saw the gathering of a multitude of photographers around the island at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre for the annual Canon Photomarathon, a photo competition that challenges photographers to race against the ticking clock to capture the best moments that best portray the theme given at timed intervals. Our ACPhotographers were amongst the countless formidable photographers who participated in this amusing and physically exhausting challenge to capture moments which illustrate stories that are in line with the given theme. Our photographer didn’t fall short of capturing shots that immersed the audience in pure astonishment and wonder. We are extremely humbled by the fact that our school clinched the school challenge trophy, with our AC Photographer Mikaela Gn of class 5.18 attaining runners-up in the theme challenge for the theme “Glow”.


11th Singapore Youth Photography Convention (SYPC)

The 11th Singapore Youth Photography Convention (SYPC) was organised by the Photographic Society on the 5th of August 2017. The theme for the main competition “Synthesis” was released 2 weeks before, and participants submitted their entries in the morning of the event. As the judges deliberated the many dazzling entries, the participants went off for the various workshops.

The workshops were organised by students from different participating schools, including some of our own students.  We had an enjoyable time at the workshops learning about different genres of photography such as Landscape, Street and Macro photography, and trying our hand at our newfound skills. Participants also took the time with their newly-learned tricks of the trade to shoot some pictures to submit for the intra-workshop competitions, under the theme of the workshop they attended.

After a short break, the participants gathered together once more for the closing ceremony. We were graced by guest-of-honour Mr Teng Theng Dar, member of the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Board and the Singapore Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, who awarded the winners of the main competition as well as the intra-workshop competitions. Adrian Law of ITE College Central, and Fiona Yap from Ngee Ann Secondary School took home the second and first runner-up prizes for the main competition respectively, and Yishun Town Secondary School’s Mok Xiao Rou won the grand prize with her stunning and insightful photograph. Our judges, Mr Lim Yong Teck and Mr Lim Weixiang shared enthusiastically about their thought-process as they chose the winning entries, and what goes into a winning photography. The first-place entry was particularly intriguing, taken on a simple handphone camera, it was a testament that you don’t need fancy equipment to take a winning shot.

It was a fun-filled day that saw photography enthusiasts from schools all over Singapore coming together for a fantastic time of learning from other students and honing our skills in photography.

1st Prize: Mok Xiao Rou, Yishun Town Secondary School

ACS Independent

2nd Prize: Fiona Yap, Ngee Ann Secondary School

ACS Independent


3rd Prize: Adrian Law, Anglo-Chinese School  (Barker Road)

ACS Independent