CAP for JC students 2021

Published on : 2021-01-28

The EL / Lit Department would like to invite all budding writers in Year 5 [2021] to participate in the 2021 Creative Arts Programme (CAP).

“ASPIRING WRITERS – You are possibly interested in PROSE, POETRY or PLAYS and have a ready collection of writing pieces. Do refine your existing collection. Then submit 5 – 8 pieces online to Ms Goretti Pereira by Wed 10 Mar 2021. The email address is

Please read the relevant information found in the following link before your initial draft submission.

CAP 2021 Application (Junior College) | Creative Arts Programme (Singapore) (

Use the following checklist before submission:


  1. Cover Page (Name, Class, Genre & School plus ACSI crest)
  2. Content Page
  3. Rationale & Self-Reflection
  4. Double line spacing
  5. Font & Size – Arial 11pt
  6. Left and Right Justified
  7. Acceptable themes – avoid controversial topics.
  8. 5 – 8 Prose/Poetry or Play pieces in one portfolio. If you wish to explore different genres, they should be in different portfolios.
  9. Expository and argumentative pieces should not be included.
  10. If you choose to write short stories or novel excerpts for PROSE, the word count is 1500 words per piece. For novels, you can write up to 3 chapters of not more than 1500 words per piece (not chapter).


Thank you.