!NK is a student-run online network that covers key events in ACS (Independent) in the form of creative content. !NK is split into two main branches, !NK Media and !NK Writing, which publish topical articles and videos every month that cover anything from celebrations and festivities, insights on school or social affairs, to whimsical musings by students. Some examples include Founder’s Day, Teacher’s Day, the Year 5 orientation, thoughts regarding examinations and daily school life.

!NK’s mission is to become a central part of the ACS community by providing a mirror for the everyday experiences, joys and quirks of school life. Our vision is to be the publication that students turn to for entertainment, humour, or food for thought, archiving a tapestry of memories that remains long after these moments pass.

As a publication, !NK’s work is rooted in the conviction that the written word can be vital to forging bonds within the school community, and sustaining a vibrant AC culture.

Find us at www.inkacs.wordpress.com and follow us on instagram at @ink.ac and Facebook at www.facebook.com/acsink/ for updates!