For Year 5 and 6 students only.

What is !NK? !NK is a student-run online network that covers key events in ACS (Independent) in the form of creative content. !NK publishes media of all kinds, such as articles, short videos and illustrations. We cover anything from celebrations and festivities, insights on school or social affairs, to whimsical musings by students. As a publication, !NK’s work is rooted in the conviction that the written word can be vital to forging bonds within the school community, and sustaining a vibrant AC culture.

What is our mission? !NK’s mission is thus to provide a mirror for every day experiences, joys and quirks of school life, giving voice to the thoughts and feelings of our students through creative expression. Our vision is to be the publication that students turn to for entertainment, humour, or food for thought, and to archive a tapestry of memories that remains long after these moments pass.

!NK inspires students in our school to pick up their pens and express their creativity. We publish all our works on Instagram (@ink.ac) and WordPress (https://inkacs.wordpress.com). Look out for the posters around campus for the password to access our site.

Community Service

!NK has traditionally been in charge of organising the annual ACS (Independent) Food Drive supporting Foodbank Singapore. We are constantly expanding to work on new projects, such as WriteAlive, a writing camp for primary school students with Heartfriends BASC, and letter exchange programmes with the young residents of Jalan Kukoh, among others.

Invitations are always being sent out to !NK members to get engaged with our community through these projects. Come join us!

Executive Committee

President: Gabrielle Lee Kurniawan (6.18)

Vice-President of Media & Publicity: Then Shan (6.18)

Vice-President of Writing: Chen Jialin (6.10)

Media & Publicity Head: Sana Kir (6.18)

Writing Heads: Teoh Ray Keat (6.06) and Matthew Goh (6.10)