Programme Highlights

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Open House
Principal’s Talk

Our Principal, Mr Koh, will share on our Desired ACSian Outcomes, and the ACS(I) Cultures of Care, Service and Excellence. Click here to also learn about the distinctive programmes that make ACS(I) special.


Why the IBDP? How many subjects must I take? Are there exams? Our Deputy Principal and IB Co-ordinator, Ms Chock, takes you through the IB Diploma Programme journey

Student Support Structures

The Student Support Structure ensures that the needs of the whole child are met, encompassing academic, financial, social, and emotional. From Career Opportunities & Guidance, Counselling, Financial Assistance to Scholarship Application Consultations, talk to us to find out more on our support structures for the students.


General Enquiry (Years 1 – 4)

Got a general enquiry about the Year 1 – 4 cohorts? Check with us here.

General Enquiry (Years 5 – 6)

Have a question concerning the Year 5 and 6 cohorts? We are glad to answer you here.

School Virtual Tour

While our campus is currently closed to visitors, you can still explore our school, and learn more about everyday life at ACS(I). Use our virtual tour to discover spaces where our students study, hang-out with their classmates or where they participate in their CCAs.