EDB Economics Short Film Competition

The EDB Economics Short Film Competition is jointly organised by EDB and ACS (Independent).

2018 EDB Economics Short Film Competition

Date for the Finals: 4 May 2018 (Friday)
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Venue: Centre for Performing Arts (CPA1)

The different categories of awards for the finalists:

1.         Most Creative Short Film
2.         Best Technical Quality
3.         Excellent Demonstration of Economic Content
4.         Best Performance in the Spontaneous Round
5.         Students’ Choice Award

Each team needs to submit a short film on any 1 of the themes listed below:

  1.  Learning from Unicorns – explore the role of education and innovation in breaking barriers into billion-dollar startups
  2.  Discuss the potential economic effects of a possible ‘deglobalization’ on Asian economies
  3.  Discuss the impact of the rise of e-commerce on employment globally and in Singapore
  4.  Examine the potential prospects and challenges of China’s One Belt One Road on the Singapore economy
  5.  Moving towards a cashless society – examine its impact and implications for Singapore
  6.  Sand: analyse the opportunities and threats of land reclamation
  7.  Examine the effects of the slowdown in global productivity growth on Singapore economy

All participants must comply with the following terms and conditions:

1. The short film for the contest must be an original work and must not infringe on the copyrights of others.

2. Deadline for submission of short films is strictly by the 2 March 2018.

3. Each institution can nominate up to 2 teams and each team consists of a maximum of up to 5 students from the same institution.

4. Each short film must not exceed 5 minutes, made in good taste, exhibit creativity and demonstrate sound content knowledge.

5. All entries must be submitted into a film-sharing website for final selection by judges.

6. By submitting the entries, all participants have given full permission for all or any part of the films to be used in its communication channels and materials or as teaching resources to other educators, students or members of the public.

7. Film entries for finalists and winners will be selected by a team of judges from institutes of higher learning and/or other relevant partners.

8. The presentations need to demonstrate and apply economic concepts and can range from the light-hearted to a more serious approach.

9. The use of profanity, gratuitous or explicit violence and sexual content in the videos is strictly prohibited. The short film needs to be targeted at an English speaking audience.