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Departments Appointment Name Email Phone
Senior Administration Principal Mr Winston Hodge 68700311
Senior Administration Deputy Principal (Foundational Years 1 & 2) Mr Patrick Soo 68700399
Senior Administration Deputy Principal (Years 3 & 4 Express) Mdm Yong Lee Har 68700302
Senior Administration Deputy Principal (IBDP Years 5 & 6) Ms Chock Siew Hwa 68700395
Senior Administration Deputy Principal (Years 3 & 4 Integrated Programme) Ms Thirunalan Mirunalini 68700314
Senior Administration Deputy Principal (Student Development) Mrs Judy Ho 68700313
Econs / B&M Dean Economics/BM Mr Bernard Low 68700629
English/Literature Dean English Language/Literature (IBDP) Mrs Maria Nathan 68700484
English/Literature Dean English Language/Literature (O Levels/IP) Mr Ferdinand Quek 68700482
Science / Physics Dean Extended Essay/Collaborative Study Options Ms Yeap Kar Wei 68700349
Humanities / History Dean Humanities Mr Liu Guoyi 68700535
Mathematics Dean Mathematics (IBDP) Dr Jeann Woo 68700335
Mathematics Dean Mathematics (O Levels/IP) Mrs Gina Ong 68700625
MT / Chinese Dean Mother Tongue (IBDP) Mdm Lin Hui 68700433
Science / Biology Dean Science/Biology & Life Sciences Mrs Tay Suat Kuan 68700447
Science / Chemistry Dean Science/Chemistry Mr Dennis Sim 68700492
Science / Physics Dean Science/Physics Dr Andrew Yong 68700684
Theory of Knowledge Dean TOK Dr Philip Tieh 68700346
Mathematics Director Community Engagement & Education Mrs Koo Zhi-Min 68700473
English/Literature Director Student Support – Psychological & Emotional Care Mrs Mervyln Goh 68700424
English/Literature Deputy Director, Humanities Scholarship Programme Mr Paul Tan 68700616
Mathematics Director Knowledge Management Mrs Patricia Thong 68700339
Humanities / History Director Curriculum & Assessment & School Staff Developer Mr Tan Kok Choon Wendell 68700602
Humanities / History Director Affective Curriculum Mr Jarett Kan 68700605
HPER Director Health Physical Education Recreation Mr Chan Chee Wei 68700655
HPER Director Health Physical Education Recreation Mr Lawrence Ang 68700659
Science / Physics Director Information & Communication Technology Mr Foo Kam Meng 68700375
Science / Physics Director Innovation/Enterprise Mr Terence Chiew 68700498
Econs / BM Director Student Leadership Mr Peter Dumortier 68700630
Econs / BM Director of Career,Opportunities & Guidance Mrs Juliana Liu-Tengara 68700448
Mathematics Director Stakeholders Engagement (Parents / Alumni) Ms Bok Hai Choo 68700337
Science / Chemistry Director Year 1 Mr Liang Chew Man 68700334
Mathematics Director Year 2 Mr Gabriel Phee 68700385
English/Literature Director Year 3 Mr Andrew Wong 68700419
English/Literature Director Year 4 Mrs Karen Liau 68700392
Econs / BM Director Year 5 Ms Alice Tan 67739207
Mathematics Director Year 6 Mr Shaun Choo 68700342
Aesthetics Dean Aesthetics Mrs Chen Yi Fang 67769536
Aesthetics/Art & Design Deputy Dean, Art & Design Dr Tham Hong Wan 68700664
Accounts Office Head of Finance Mr Steven Lim 68700371
Admin Office Secretary Ms Carolyn Tok 68700395
Admin Office Secretary Ms Eunice Seah 68700314
Admin Office Secretary Mrs Lilian Aw Yeong 68700311
Admin Office Secretary Mrs Mabel Koh 68700302
Admin Office Secretary Ms Nancy Cheng 68700313
Admin Office Secretary Mdm R.Seetha D/O S. Ragunathan 68700399
Admin Corp Communications Manager, Corporate Communications Mrs Celine Soo 68700393
Admin Procurement Procurement Officer Mdm Ann Foo Ai Lian 68700439
Admin Procurement Procurement Asst Mdm Cai Xiuzhen Audrey 68700476
Boarding School Domestic Manager Mrs Jasmin Tan 68700906
Boarding School Hall Master Ms Grace Kwee 68700935
Boarding School Admin Assistant Mrs Doreen Tan Soo Huang 68700904
Agape Counselling Sanctuary Senior Counsellor Mr Charlie Ong Chen Hock 67769522
Agape Counselling Sanctuary School Counsellor Ms Chow Oi Har 67739513
Careers Counselling Educational Counsellor Ms Sng Sok Hwee 67739515
Estate Office Estate Manager Mr Mohan Ignatius Samuel 68700317
Front Office Admin Officer Ms Foo Wah Ee 68700308
HPER Badminton Coach Mr Dicky Purwotjugiono 68700658
HPER Pool Supervisor Mr Lau Kum Weng 68700366
HPER Rugby Coach Mr Adrian Chong 68700326
HPER Rugby Coach Mr Rhys Jones 68700326
HPER Water Polo Coach Mr Luo Nan 68700658
Human Resource Human Resource Manager Ms Lillian Tan 68700316
IT Department IT Manager Mr Teo Poh Chye 68700359
Laboratory Laboratory Superintendent Mr Lam Wai Ping 68700389
Library Librarian Mr Leo Joon Meng 68700650