Chemistry is the branch of natural science that deals with the study of matter. It is about the study of the compositions and properties of substances, and how they react with one another. Chemistry is also known as the Central Science as it connects the other natural sciences such as physics, astronomy, biology, life sciences, and geology.

In Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Chemistry enjoys great popularity. In the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, we have more than 700 students offering Chemistry, with at least 500 students studying it at the Higher Level.

The Chemistry Department has 24 Chemistry teachers to ensure that our students are sufficiently challenged and enthused through the close interaction between students and teachers. In addition, the teachers are supported by 6 laboratory technicians working in 6 Chemistry Laboratories.


Dean Science/Chemistry MR Dennis Sim Heng Hock
Deputy Dean Science/Chemistry MDM Jess Wong Shu Yee
Director Talent Development MR Chooi Khee Wai
Director Year 1 MR Liang Chew Man
Teacher MR A M Venthan
Teacher MDM Carol Low
Teacher MR Wilson Wan Wei Hao
Teacher MR Idzham Khalid Bin Ithnin
Teacher MR Jerel Chen Yingshun
Teacher MDM Jolene Tan Siew Leng
Teacher MS Kwoh Siew Lay
Teacher MS Lydia Ho
Teacher MDM Lydia Yap Sheau Wei
Teacher MR Paul Kevin Cheong Yuk Lin
Teacher MR Tan Keng Hsin
Teacher MRS Usha Penninal Ravi Udayakumar
Teacher Mdm Christina Tan Yit Yean
Teacher MS Tang Yee Voon
Teacher MS Lai Chien Siew
Teacher MS Stephanie Serene Gan
Teacher MR Lee Beng Hwee
Teacher MS Goh Hui Lian
Laboratory Superintendent MR Lam Wai Ping
Laboratory Technician MS Candy Ang Khang Ni
Laboratory Technician MR Joshua Chong Li Zhong
Laboratory Technician MS Ng Rei Ping
Lab Technician MR Muhammad Haziq Akif Bin Ismail
Asst Laboratory Technician MDM Sakuntala Devi


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