Our Mission To inculcate a love for Mathematics and to develop the maximum potential in Mathematics in each of our students to faciliate ability-driven education in a knowledge-based economy.

“What we know is not much…What we do not know is immense.” 

– Pierre-Simon De Laplace (1749 – 1827)

  Our Vision To promote and inspire the learning of Mathematics and ultimately, to see each student attaining at least a distinction in Mathematics in national and international examinations.


DR Jeann Woo Dean Mathematics (IBDP)
MRS Gina Ong Dean Mathematics (O Levels/IP)
MR Gabriel Phee Tang Nam Director Year 2
MR Shaun Choo Director Year 6
MRS Patricia Thong Director Creativity Activity and Service & Deputy Prefect Mistress
MS Bok Hai Choo Director Pastoral Care
MR Desmond Yap Sik Hsun Deputy Dean Mathematics (O Levels/IP)
MS Alice Pang Heng Hoon Deputy Director Year 2 (Acting)
MR Chua Kock Yong Deputy Director Year 4
MS Audrey Tay Shengyi Deputy Director Year 6
MR Keith Tan Deputy Director Leadership Development (Uniformed Groups)
MRS Koo-Chua Zhi Min Deputy Director Leadership Development (Council)
MRS Yoon Lay Beng Deputy Director Year 1
MRS Megan Lim Deputy Director Year 2
MDM Lee Chia Hui Deputy Director Year 3
MS Lee Suling Deputy Director Year 5
MR Roy Gan Kok Kiong Deputy Director Year 5 (Acting)
MS Dalwinther Kaur Senior Teacher
MDM Loh We Fong Senior Teacher
MRS Archana Vijaykumar Kusurkar Teacher
MR Azmi Bin Azeman Teacher
MDM Cheng Siau Yian Teacher
MRS Chua Chia Pei Teacher
MR Hong Lee Kiat Teacher
MS Janet Tay Cher Hoon Teacher
MR Jin Chenyuan Teacher
MR Kenneth Ong Teacher
MR Kenneth Wee Oon Heng Teacher
MR Koh Tee Hock Teacher
MR Lawrence Yong Teacher
MS Lee Ooi Lian Teacher
MS Loh Chin Mai Teacher
MS Mavis Hoon Yi Lin Teacher
MS Mazlind Bte Ali Teacher
MR Mohamed Fazli Bin Sugang Teacher
MRS Muralitharan Mohana Teacher
MRS Sheila Philip Teacher
MR Vincent Lee Chee Hong Teacher



Express (Year 1 to 4)

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Integrated Programme (Year 1 to 4)

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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Year 5 to 6)

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SyllabusDiploma Programme Model

Six groups of subjects in the IB Diploma programme.

Annual Mathlympics for Primary Schools

The Annual Mathlympics For All Singapore Primary Schools is organised by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) with Learners’ Connections Pte Ltd (formerly known as Hothouse Educational Services Pte Ltd) and Casio (Singapore) Pte Ltd. This competition is open to all students enrolled in Primary 4 and 5 in the local schools. The main objective is to expose participants to intellectually challenging questions in order to stimulate their interest and ignite their passion in Mathematics. The final round of the competition allows the use of the calculator and are necessary to the problem solving process. Please refer to the attached annexes or visit for more information pertaining to the competition.

Annex A Mathlympics Details 2015

Annex B Registration Instructions 2015

Annex C Registration Form 2015

Annex D Proctor Acknowledgement Form 2015

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