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Statement of Philosophy – Humanities

Humanities disciplines develop in students an understanding and appreciation of the human experiences and its environment so that people would recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the earth.

Why study the Humanities?

  1. The Humanities teach empathy and help us understand our past, appreciate the present and anticipate the future.
  2. The Humanities develop students to be informed and critical citizens.
  3. The Humanities help us build bridges across international communities through the understanding of various history, politics, spaces, economics and culture.

ACS (I) offers Combined Humanities, History and Geography for the Express programme.

For the IP programme, the school offers International Studies, History and Geography.

History develops young adults who can think, reason and write accurately and critically. Through the studying of history, students grasp how historical forces, events and personalities have shaped and formed the world we live in and in turn develop a sense of empathy, awareness and sensitivity to the diverse historical experiences that constitute the world today.

Geography is a highly relevant and practical subject which is concerned with real issues that affect our lives. These include topics such as global warming , the impact of the haze as well as health and diseases. A skill-based subject , students will acquire map-reading, research and fieldwork skills.

Combined Humanities is a compulsory subject offered in the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination . It comprises 2 components :

a) Social Studies, an interdisciplinary humanities and social science subject that :

  • Provides the broad-based foundation for humanities subject specialization
  • Develops students to be informed, concerned and participative citizens at local and global levels (Citizenship Education).

b) Elective Humanities

  • Elective Geography
  • Elective History
  • Elective Literature


Subject Title Salutation Name Email
Humanities Dean Humanities MR Jarett Kan Wern Hau
Humanities / Geography Deputy Dean Humanities/Geography MRS Sandra Sim
Humanities / History Deputy Dean Humanities/History Express MDM Vijitha Ranjee
Humanities / History Deputy Dean Humanities/History IP & IB MR Liu Guoyi
Humanities History Director Curriculum & Assessment Mr Tan Kok Choon
Humanities / History Senior Teacher MDM Toh Ling Lee
Humanities / History Senior Teacher MR Norman Chua Ching Poo
Humanities / History Teacher MR Gavin Ang Chi Hong
Humanities / History Teacher MR Brian Chirnside
Humanities / History Teacher MS Cindy See Toh
Humanities / History Teacher MR Eugene Lai Liming
Humanities / History Teacher MRS Goh Hwee Hwee
Humanities / History Teacher MR Lee James Belcher
Humanities / History Teacher MR Lincoln Chua Kay Leng
Humanities / History Teacher MS Linda Goon Li Hua
Humanities / History Teacher MR Bobby Chew Tao Teng
Humanities / History Teacher MR Moghan Das
Humanities / History Teacher MS Nalini D/O Moorthi
Humanities / History Teacher MR Neo Chai Wee
Humanities / History Teacher MR Peh Sik Kai
Humanities / History Teacher MR Wong Tze Yung
Humanities / Geography Teacher MS Michelle Fong Qi Min
Humanities / Geography Teacher MR Eugene Lim Chun Yen
Humanities / Geography Teacher MR Mark Frank Ratnam
Humanities / Geography Teacher MR Jonathan Ng
Humanities / Geography Teacher MDM Lim Wan Hoon
Humanities / Geography Teacher MR Peter Davies
Humanities / Geography Teacher MDM Ruvathy Arumugam
Humanities / Geography Teacher MS Salinah Bee D/O Abdul Latiff
Humanities / Geography Teacher MRS Elaine Lee Gek Choo

Special Programmes

Regional Studies Programme

Dr Goh Keng Swee Nation Building Series

Humanities Scholarship Programme

Moot Parliament Programme (MPP)

Humanities and Social Sciences Research Programme (HSSRP)

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