Regional Studies Programme


The Regional Studies Programme (RSP) is a prestigious scholarship programme for Years 1 – 4 students. Students in the RSP will offer Malay (Special Programme) or M(SP)as a third language.

Currently there are five schools who offer the RSP and up to 100 scholarships will be awarded per cohort of students across the five schools. The scholarships will cover a school fee subsidy, an annual allowance of $1,000 per annum,various subsidies and funding.

RSP curriculum will include overseas immersion programmes and structured enrichment programmes spread out during the course.

RSP Application form 2017

RSP FAQ 2017

RSP slides for Yr 1 parents briefing 2017



The programmes covered are as follows:

(i) Malay (Special Programme)

Students will have to offer Malay (Special Programme) which will be conducted in school.

Year 1: Every Monday, 3 pm to 6 pm.

Year 2: Every Tuesday, 3 pm to 6 pm.

Year 3: Every Wednesday, 3 pm to 6 pm.

Year 4: Every Thursday, 3 pm to 6 pm.


(ii) Enrichment module: Understanding Southeast Asia (USEA)

To equip students with an understanding of cultural and social developments in the region, a module on ‘Understanding and Appreciating Southeast Asia’ (USEA) specially designed by the school will be incorporated in the RSP curriculum.

The module will be conducted in English. The curriculum time is estimated to be about 30 hours per academic year and will take place after school. MOE will also jointly organize annual seminars for all RSP students as a follow-up on this module.

Year 1: Wednesday, 315 pm to 515 pm.

Year 2: Thursday, 3 pm to 5 pm.

Year 3: Tuesday, 3 pm to 5 pm.

Year 4: Monday, 330 pm to 530 pm.


(iii) Immersion Programme

During the whole course of the RSP, RSP scholars will have up to one month immersion in Malaysia or Indonesia to gain better understanding of the cultural and social aspects of the region.


(iv) Enrichment Activities

MOE and the RSP schools will organise a combined cultural camp for all RSP scholars. In addition, as part of the USEA module, the school will also organise other enrichment programmes like research projects, field trips, visits and home visits to help deepen students’ learning and understanding of the Malay and Southeast Asian culture.


The RSP scholarships are open to all Year 1 Singaporean students. The scholarship terms include :

  • Scholarship allowance of $1,000 per annum
  • Annual school fee subsidy of $2,400
  • Subsidised enrichment programmes including fieldtrips, seminars and talks
  • Funding for up to 20 days of immersion in Malaysia or Indonesia (on shore cost only) for the whole course



Year 1 students interested in applying for the scholarships must :

  • Be Singapore citizens
  • Not have taken Malay as a Mother Tongue Language
  • Attain PSLE score of 240 and above
  • Offer Malay (Special Programme) as a third language
  • Exhibit scholarly qualities including leadership and other personal qualities.

The scholarship is subject to yearly renewal based on academic results.



For more information on RSP, please contact the Acting Dean of Humanities, Mr Liu Guoyi ( Alternatively, you can contact the RSP Coordinator Ms Salinah Latiff ( or RSP Year 1 Coordinator Mrs Ruvathy Arumugam (

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