ACS: Accelerated Class for Science

The school-based Accelerated Class for Science is a differentiated programme to challenge and develop students with special science talents and potential for the international science arena. The Class has nurtured many students who have represented the school and country in science competitions and Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads.

The Accelerated Class for Science is a two year programme for Years 3 and 4 students. The class comprises 25-30 top students selected not only for their excellent results but have also exhibited abilities beyond that tested in exams.

Students in the Accelerated Class for Science take all three Sciences. The curriculum will be challenging and enriching and cover fundamental topics at a faster pace. Similar topics and concepts at advanced level e.g. A Level will be introduced to students at relevant sections. They will also be mentored to handle open ended questions  e.g. application of chemistry, physics, biology knowledge to examine a hypothetical crime scene. The subject combination for the Accelerated Class for Science are as follows:

For: Selected Year 3 & 4 students

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