“Our primary goal in the Literature curriculum is not to make literary scholars of all our students. It is to make them readers and writers, independent and self-reliant thinkers who employ language and literature to enrich their lives.” – Robert E. Probst

ACS (Independent)’s English Language curriculum in school aims to help pupils become independent lifelong learners, creative thinkers and problem solvers who can communicate effectively in English.

There are many curricular and co-curricular activities for pupils to use English in a variety of situations and contexts. Pupils will read widely, learn how to analyse and evaluate language and the media, and respond creatively to problems and new technology.


Mrs Maria Nathan

Dean (IBDP)


Mr Ferdinand Quek

Dean (Express/IP) / School Staff Developer


Mr Ong Wooi-Chiang

Year 1 English Language Coordinator


Mrs Diane Choo

Year 1 Literature Coordinator & Deputy Director Year 1


Ms Grace Lim

Senior Teacher


Mr Tay Yong Lai

Year 1 Language Arts and SBGE Coordinator


Mrs Beatrice Leong

English Language Teacher


 Ms Kavita Mirchandani

Year 2 English Language Coordinator


Mrs Clara Sim Keok Keow

Year 2 Literature Coordinator


Mr Eugene Lim Hwang Piew

Year 2 Literature & Language Arts Coordinator


Ms Sherilyn Khng Choon Huay

Year 2 Language Arts Coordinator


Ms Hypollita Goretti Pereira

Year 2 Language Arts SBGE Coordinator


Mr Christopher Matthias Wee

Year 3 English Language Coordinator


Mrs Lisa Lai

Year 3 Literature (Core) and Elective Coordinator,

Year 4 Literature Core and Elective Coordinator &

Senior Teacher


Ms Christina Jayasri Raj

Year 3 Language Arts and SBGE Coordinator


Mrs Andriany Tee

Deputy Dean (IP)


Mr Andrew Wong Toh Hong

Year 3 Director


Mrs Cheryl Loh

Deputy Dean (Express)


Ms Chew Kah Wai

Year 4 English Language Coordinator


Mrs Manjit Kaur Herzog

Year 4 Language Arts Coordinator


Ms Suseela Suppiah

Year 4 Language Arts SBGE Coordinator & Senior Teacher


Mrs Karan Liau

Year 4 Director


Mr Benjamin Wong Zi Ming

Year 4 English Language Teacher


Mrs Quah Juat Mei

Year 5 Language and Literature Strand 1 Coordinator for (HL and SL) &

Senior Teacher


Ms Doreen Ang Boon Lee

Year 5 Language and Literature Strand 2 Coordinator for (HL and SL)


Mrs Runima Borah Tandon

Year 5 Literature (HL and SL) Coordinator


Mrs Mervyln Goh

Director, Counselling and Staff Wellness


Mr Loh Guan Liang

Year 5 Literature (HL and SL) Coordinator



Ms Jamilah Lajam

Year 5 Language and Literature Teacher


Ms Fiona Ho

Year 5 Language and Literature Teacher


Mrs Nilanjana Bose

Year 5 Language and Literature Teacher


Mr Brian John Connor

Deputy Dean (IB) & EE Coordinator


Mr Paul Tan Tai Ming

Deputy Director, Humanities Scholarship Programme


Ms Nirmala Silverajan

Year 6 Language and Literature Strand 1 Coordinator (HL & SL)


Ms Rachel Cheung

Year 6 Language and Literature Strand 1 Coordinator (HL & SL)


Mr Aloysius Lim Heng Loong

Year 6 Literature Coordinator (HL & SL)


Dr Kiranjit Kaur

Year 6 Language and Literature and Literature teacher














List of ELLIT Programmes:

Dr Lee Suan Yew Speaker of the Year Award

Internal Creative Writing Competition

Inter-Class Debate Championship


ACE 21

ENCORE (Reading Programme)


Commonwealth Essay Competition 2017

Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, named in honour of HM Queen Elizabeth II, aims at nurturing the creative talents of young people around the Commonwealth. It endeavours to promote literacy, expression and creativity among young people by celebrating excellence and imagination. It is open to all citizens and residents of the Commonwealth aged 18 and under.

This year, the theme of ‘A Commonwealth for Peace’ asks for a more active understanding of the role of the Commonwealth as a network of and for democracy, Human Rights and peace.  For more details, check out the website at

Please approach your English Language or Language Arts teacher for more information.


1.    What is in your Toolbox for Peace?

2.    My peaceful place.

3.    How can children and young people come together to build a peaceful society?

4.    ‘Peace cannot be learnt from a book or from religion. You have to reach out and touch the nations.’ How does this relate to the Commonwealth?

1.    Peace.

2.    Should you fight for peace?

3.    Kofi Annan said ‘Education is, quite simply, peace-building by another name.’ Do you agree? Answer with reference to your country and/or the Commonwealth.

4.    What is the cost of peace?

Language and Literature Symposium 2017 photos

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