Boarding School


Established in 1994, the ACS (Independent) Boarding School is home to about 500 students and staff. Each hall has carefully selected resident staff who provide a balance of academic and pastoral support

The ACS (Independent) Boarding School aims to

  • Provide a comfortable, secure and caring environment for living and learning
  • Inculcate moral and social values based on Christian principles and virtues
  • Foster esprit d’corps and develop leadership potential in a closely knit community
  • Enhance self-confidence and nurture a sense of communal responsibility
  • Encourage holistic development through a wide range of enrichment, cultural, recreational and sporting activities


The Warden of the Boarding School is the Principal of the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and the Deputy Wardens are Deputy Principals in the school.

All Hallmasters and Hall Tutors are also ACS (Independent) teachers ensuring that boarders receive the same high standard of education, care and support throughout the whole day.

The Warden is assisted in the day-to-day running of the Boarding School by various administrative, maintenance, cleaning, custodial and security staff.


Each Hall of Residence has rooms with 6 beds, 4 beds or 2 beds. Allocation of boarders to rooms is done by the Hall Staff, who takes into account the age, responsibility level, and specific needs of each boarder.

Each room has attached bathroom facilities, built-in cupboards and desks. Hot water, air-conditioning and ceiling fans are also provided. The Halls each have one/two lounges, television, internet access, a pantry and study rooms for common use.


The Boarding School provides a number of services and facilities for the safety and well-being of our Boarders:

  •        Wireless Internet Access
  •        Daily laundry (washing and ironing)
  •        Weekly change of bed linen and blankets
  •        Daily meals including breakfast, lunch (on holidays and weekends), dinner and supper

Health matters are looked after by the Matron, a registered nursing officer based in the Boarding School Medical Centre. There are also clinics and the National University Hospital nearby.


Life in the Boarding School is rich and fulfilling. The Junior Common Room Committee provides student leadership in sporting and adventure activities, cultural functions and special events. At the end of each term, there is a celebration which is also a cultural event:

  • Term 1: Hawkers’ Fare
  • Term 2: High Table Dinner
  • Term 3: International Night
  • Term 4: Christmas Celebration

Academic support is provided through ‘Prep Time’, nightly two-hour homework and study preparation sessions supervised by hall staff who are ACS (Independent) teachers.

There are also weekly fellowship meetings, Koinonia, at which inspiring testimonies, songs, music and messages are shared between staff, boarders and invited guests.


The Boarding School is a secure environment. Every boarder receives a set of the Boarding School’s rules and regulations when they take up residence. In addition, each Hall also has its own specific administrative procedures and characteristic approach to guidance and discipline.

Boarders do have some restrictions on items which they may bring into the Hall. In particular, they should not bring any of the following:

  • desktop computers
  • refrigerators or coolers
  • television sets and large audio equipment
  • skateboards, bicycles or other vehicles
  • cooking appliances

Visitors are permitted, but only in the common areas, and only with the permission of the Hall staff. No visitors of the opposite sex are allowed unless they are approved relatives. Boarders need permission to visit Halls other than their own, and also need permission to leave the premises at any time, or to return late (after 10 pm).


Who can stay in the Boarding School? Is it open to non-ACS (Independent) students?

The Boarding School is open to ACS (Independent) and ACS (International) students. External groups may also make bookings for residential programmes such as camps.

What do the costs cover?

The cost includes boarders’ accommodation, meals and laundry services.

Why isn’t lunch provided on weekdays?

Weekday lunches are not provided as students and staff are in school during that time. Lunch can easily be purchased from the Students’ Activity Centre in School.

How are meals in the Boarding School served?

All meals are served in the Dining Hall. Breakfast, lunch (weekends and Public/School Holidays) can be taken as individuals at specified times. Dinner is served at 1900h and is taken together as a Boarding School family. Students and staff all eat together, in tables of four. Dinner typically comprises rice, soup, a meat dish, a vegetable dish, a side dish and a fruit. For boarders who do not take beef and pork, there are alternatives when the meat is served. Dietary constraints on medical and religious grounds must be declared on the registration form. A Food Committee with representatives from the staff and student body ensures that the food served is nutritious and feedback for improvements is welcomed. Weekend meals (Friday dinner, Saturday and Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner) must be ordered through the on-line meal-booking system by Wednesday 2359h to reduce wastage.

What about meals outside of meal times? Can I keep food in the Hall?

Boarders are allowed to keep their stocks, carefully labeled with name and date, in the refrigerator in the pantry area. A microwave, oven toaster and kettle is provided to prepare snacks. Water-coolers are provided.

How is laundry managed?

On registration, boarders are provided with a Laundry Number, marker pens, laundry bag and locker with padlock. All clothing sent to the laundry room will need to be marked clearly and sent to the laundry on a daily basis. The team of laundry maids will wash, iron and return clothes to the specified locker number for collection.

What if there is an emergency?

The Boarding School carries out emergency exercises to prepare students for emergency situations that might happen in the Boarding School. All boarders are briefed of safety precautions and evacuation routes at the beginning of each semester and for all newcomers.

What happens if my child/ward is taken ill?

If your child/ward is taken ill, you will be contacted and you may wish to take him/her home or he/she can be taken care of by the boarding staff in his/her room or in the medical centre. A health form will need to be completed on registration to enable proper medical attention when needed. Medical bills will be borne by the boarder.

There is a Matron based in the Medical Centre and there are clinics and hospitals nearby. There are facilities for isolation if needed.

What do I need to bring when checking–in?

Bring school uniforms and clothing for out-of-school hours. Bed linen (bedsheets and pillow cases) and blankets are provided and boarders are required to change them weekly. New bed linen and blankets are provided through the laundry locker weekly.

Can I visit my child?

Yes, but like in school, contact should be made outside of Prep Time. There are telephones in each hall and your child/ward will inform you of the number he can be reached. The postal address for correspondence is:

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Boarding School

119 Dover Road Hall ___

Singapore 139656 

Boarders' Application

ACS (Independent) and ACS (International Students) should submit your applications using the forms below.

Completed application forms should be submitted to:

Ms Jasmin Tan, Manager

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Boarding School

119 Dover Road

Singapore 139656

Queries may be directed to Ms Jasmin Tan, Manager at or 6870 0900.

External Bookings

The ACS (Independent) Boarding School offers short-term lodging and facilities which are available for booking.

The Boarding School is adjacent to Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and provides a wholesome and safe environment. Single rooms (1 – 6 beds / room) and dormitories (16 – 20 pax/room) are available and these would be especially suitable for events such as camps and residential workshops.

All bookings by the Methodist Church and its affiliates will enjoy a 10% discount. For more information, please contact ACS (Independent) Boarding School Admin Office at 6870 0900.

Rates and specifications are enclosed in the booking form.

Camping Group Application Form-update 16/03/16


Accommodations for NUS Male students

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