The Biology Department seeks to imbue students to embrace the workings of, and comprehend interrelationships among, living systems. It is the department’s goal that students graduate from our school with a judicious understanding of the evolution of life encompassed by its unity and variety and further coupled with an astute recognition of the importance of the preservation of biological diversity. The Biology Department is also committed to helping students to pursue rewarding careers in biology and related disciplines. We hope that students will use their abilities and training to promote the growth of biological knowledge and its application for the benefit of the environment systems and societies.


Dean Science/Biology & Life Sciences MRS Tay Suat Kuan
Deputy Dean Science/Biology & Life Sciences (Lower Secondary) MR See Boon Tiam
Deputy Dean Science/Biology & Life Sciences MRS Yew Huili
Senior Teacher MR William Lai Wee Thiam
Teacher MDM Ali Basheera Banu
Teacher MR Andrew Chia Kah Mun
Teacher MRS Angeline Wong Ngee Kheng
Teacher MR Chan Huang Kiat
Teacher MR Charles Low Soo Peng
Teacher MRS Choy-Lau Hoay Min
Teacher MS Lin Zhangli
Teacher MR Mark Richie Tan
Teacher MS Ni Ni Tun
Teacher MS Ong Wei Ling
Teacher MR See Teck Hock
Teacher MR Terence Ng Eu Ghee
Teacher DR Dr Wong En En Hazel
Deputy Lab Superintendent MRS Reena Quah
Life Science Technician MDM Khin Myint Yi
Asst Laboratory Technician MDM Keh Siew Bee


Biology research focus

Biology Research in ACS Independent
Over the years, our teachers in the department have been actively promoting biological research among the student population. Students from Year 2 onwards are encouraged to take on biology research as part of their Individualized Study Option (ISO). These students usually continue with their research work till they are in their Year 6, allowing time to hone their research and presentation skills.
Our Biology Laboratories
Our biology laboratories are well equipped to handle the students’ research projects and we are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our laboratories. Currently, we have a total of 8 different laboratories, each dedicated to specific areas of biological research or studies.
Areas of Focus
Our research focus is wide ranging depending on the amplitude and interest of our students. Each project is purely student-driven and mentored by our own teachers. The areas of research include (but not limiting to):
-Environmental related research
-Microbial research
-Plant culture
-Organic extraction

Biology Extended Essay

IB Diploma Programme students are required to undertake original research and write an extended essay of 4,000 words (maximum).This essay offers the student the opportunity to investigate a topic of special interest and to become acquainted with the kind of independent research and writing skills expected at the university level. The IBO recommends that a student devote a total of about 40 hours of private study and writing time to the essay. The extended essay can serve to deepen a student’s programme of study, for example when the student chooses to focus the essay on a topic included in a higher-level course.

Useful Links


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Resources & Journals

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