Release of 2016 GCE “O” Level Examination Result

Singapore, Monday, 11 January 2017: 233 ACS (Independent) students who sat for the 2016 GCE “O” Level Examinations received their results today in school.

 (Psalm 126:5) “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” 

Our students, teachers and parents have worked with much diligence and dedication, and this afternoon, the school family shared in the joy and pride of the 2016 cohort.

In terms of the school’s overall academic performance, our MSG (mean subject grade) is 2.42 (2015: 2.50) and average L1B5 aggregate (1st Language & 5 Best subjects) is 11.93 (2015: 11.89).

The results reflect the collaborative efforts of students, teachers and the unwavering support of parents and their families over the years.

 12 Subjects with Percentage Distinction Higher than National Average

Of the 20 subjects offered by the school, 12 have achieved percentage of distinctions higher than the national average:

  1. English Language
  2. Literature Core
  3. History Core
  4. Geography Core
  5. Combined Humanities
  6. Mathematics D.
  7. Add. Mathematics
  8. Physics
  9. Chemistry
  10. Biology
  11. Tamil
  12. Higher Music (MEP)

In addition, 8 subjects have shown improvement in distinctions rates compared to 2015.

103 students (44.2%) have obtained L1B5 score of 10 points or below.

39 (16.7%) students have scored at least 5 A1s.

Based on their results, 99.1% of the cohort will be able to pursue a Pre-University education, of which about 94.4% can be admitted into the Junior Colleges and 4.7% to a 3-year Pre-U Course.

We are grateful for the support, advice and encouragement from the ACS (Independent) family and community – the Board of Governors, the Board of Management, the ACSOBA, MOE and parents.  We will continue to work with our students to support their individual growth by providing an educational experience that will be an engaging and enriching one.

Above all, we acknowledge God for His blessings, provision and favour over this cohort.

To God Be The Glory.
The Best Is Yet To Be.


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