10th Annual Mathlympics For All Singapore Primary Schools 2017

This year marks a significant milestone as Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) is once again collaborating with Learners’ Connections Pte Ltd and Casio (Singapore) Pte Ltd to organise the 10th Annual Mathlympics For All Singapore Primary Schools. To commemorate this special year,  each Gold Award recipient will receive a special 10th Anniversary Special Edition medal in addition to the certificate.  This competition will also be held in Indonesia for the first time this year.

The Annual Mathlympics is open to all students enrolled in Primary 4 and 5 in the local schools in 2017. The Preliminary Round will be held on 3th August 2017, Thursday and the Final Round will be held on 16th September 2017, Saturday.

The main objective is to expose participants to intellectually challenging questions in order to stimulate their interest and ignite their passion in Mathematics. Unlike the Preliminary Round, the use of the calculator is featured in the Final Round of the competition.  The questions in the Final Round are carefully crafted such that the use of the calculator is integral to the problem solving process. This will no doubt place a higher demand on the mental dexterity of the Finalists as the resourceful use of the calculator in solving Mathematical problems is efficacious to one’s problem solving ability.

Please refer to the attached annexes or visit the websites http://www.acsindep.moe.edu.sg/  and www.econnections.com.sg for more information pertaining to the competition.

Annex A Mathlympics Details 2017

Annex B Registration Instructions 2017

Annex C Registration Form 2017

Annex D Proctor Acknowledgement Form 2017

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