IB Class of 2016

Amidst cheers of jubilation, Principal Mr Winston Hodge announced the results of last year’s IB Examination results. The class of 2016 definitely lived up to the high standards of its seniors, setting the school’s average total score with 41.82 points, on par with that of the 2015 cohort, and continuing to set the bar high for upcoming batches.


Amidst the excitement, the IndepOnline team managed to catch up with Rachel Tseng (6.02), a graduate from the class of 2016. During her stint at ACS(I), she simultaneously pursued her studies with vigour, and represented Singapore in the national swimming team. Indeed, juggling the demanding IBDP together with rigorous training schedule for the past two years was truly no easy feat.

Upon completing her exams in November, she has been pursuing a host of activities. “I resumed training full time for swimming and am also taking my driving lessons concurrently. I’m also learning Japanese and picking up the guitar. The results is a number and the more important thing was the process throughout IB.”

When asked about upcoming plans for the time gap before entering university, besides unwinding, Rachel expressed her hope to make a difference for the better. “My plans are to just get a good rest and to catch up with my friends. At the same time, I hope to gain some part time working experience and hopefully get involved in some community work.”




(Photo credit: Matthew Chng)




Another student, Andrew Lim, 6.12 was also gracious enough to share his emotions with us. Upon finishing his exams, Andrew noted that he spent his now-freed-up-time with his family.

Reviewing his results, he says: “I feel extremely blessed and am thankful for having such wonderful teachers and friends to accompany me throughout this IB journey. All glory to God who has been an ever present source of strength!”

For Andrew, and our male graduates, the results signify the conclusion of their pre-university studies, and herald the beginning of their national service. We would like to wish all such male alumni well as they embark on this journey of growth and maturity, in defence of our country.

On behalf of the class of 2016, we would like to express our gratitude to the Senior Administration, teachers, parents, staff, custodians and all members of the school family for their unwavering support and admirable dedication towards shaping this batch of ACSians into catalysts for change, equipped and willing to serve and lead the family, nation and global community.

To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!

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