Express Class of 2016

The tension in the air was palpable as the Express Class of 2016 awaited the release of their 2016 GCE “O” Level Examination results with equal parts eagerness and apprehension as the fateful moment drew ever closer – And the silence was soon replaced by cheers of triumph as our students reaped the rewards of their endeavours.

The 233 students achieved an MSG (mean subject grade) of 2.42 and an average L1B5 aggregate (1st Language & 5 Best subjects) of 11.93. Among them, 103 students (44.2%) obtained an L1B5 score of 10 points or below, while 39 (16.7%) students scored at least 5 A1s. Please refer to for details.


During the release of results, IndepOnline approached Alexander Ho, who was visibly elated over his stellar performance: “I feel very happy with my results, as I am able to enter the junior college of my choice, which is ACJC. I also feel thankful towards my teachers and parents, who have guided me through these years and helped me get the L1R5 score of 8 points.”











Cheah Ray Han, having attained the 2016 SSSC Best Sportsboy Award for Bowling, also shared on his post-exam life: “A few days after my O levels I started competing in a few tournaments, but mainly, I spent my holidays going out with classmates, preparing myself for IB, spending quality time with my family members.” He plans to “start considering [his] future subject combinations that [he intends] to take in IB and to start getting ready for school life once again.”














Barring the efforts of our students and teachers, the support of our parents, and the grace of God, our exceptional performance would never have been possible. To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be!

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