Art & Design


The study of art provides students with the opportunity to give meanings to experiences by expressing their views and feelings in visual and tactile forms. The direct experience of the practical and theoretical aspects of provides students with a fuller understanding of the role of art in the development of mankind.

Art encourages and fosters creative, critical and analytical thinking, sensitivity, and powers of observation result, particular enjoyment and aesthetic pleasure are experienced and self-confidence is engendered.


This syllabus has been designed to combined the necessary breadth and depth of study with choice to accommodate a wide range abilities and the resources. The students working in this syllabus recognises growing importance of thinking skills and information technology and encourages the uses of these discipline to deliver a balanced curriculum. 

The aims of the syllabus are to: 

  • Heighten an awareness and appreciation of art within historical, cultural, social and environmental context.
  • Develop an ability to identify and solve problems creatively in visual and tactile forms.
  • Encourage creativity, experimentation and innovation through the inventive use of materials, techniques and technologies.
  • Develop technical ability and manipulative skills necessary to competently form, compose and communicate in two and three dimensions using a variety of materials and processes.
  • Foster confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement in the practice of art.
  • Cultivate a thinking and enquiring mind.
  • Acquire a working vocabulary in art.


Dean Art & Design MR Danny Toh
Teacher MR Lowell Farlow
Teacher MS Jacqueline Liew
Teacher MS Jou Wei-Kay
Teacher MRS Serilyn Goh
Teacher DR Tham Hong Wan
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