Accelerated Science Class

The school-based Accelerated Class for Science is a differentiated programme to challenge and develop Year 3 & 4 students with special science talents and potential for the international science arena. The Class has nurtured many students who have represented the school and country in science competitions and Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads.

The Accelerated Class of Science aims to serve the following purposes:

  1. To provide a differentiated learning programme for students with exceptional science talents.
  2. To gather students of similar interest and passion so as to foster the culture of collaborative learning.
  3. To challenge students to think about the links and connections between sciences

The objectives of the programme will be realised through 2 main approaches:

Firstly, the students will be brought through an accelerated science curriculum so as to ensure that they are equipped with sufficient concepts to take on challenges of higher order problems in science.

Secondly, the students will be guided to perform intense science research in and out of schools (upon selection by the research institutes). Students will be required to apply concepts learned in class to complete rigorous science research projects instead of performing isolated experiments.