Advanced Science Programme

The Advanced Science Programme (ASP) is a differentiated programme offered by ACS (Independent) to challenge and develop Years 5 – 6 students with special science talents and potential for the international science arena. The programme has nurtured students who have represented the school and country in science competitions Olympiads.

ASP is a two year programme. The classes (Chemistry/Physics and Chemistry/Biology combination) comprises 10-15 top students each, selected not only for their excellent academic results but have also exhibited abilities beyond that tested in exams.

The curriculum will be cover fundamental topics required by IB and additional topics which will stretch the cognitive abilities of the students. The students will also be exposed to various attachment and enrichment programmes.

For assessment, the students in the programme will take the mainstream science HL papers and an additional paper for each of the science they have chosen. The grades (Distinction, Merit) for the additional paper will be awarded separately.