ACE 21

‘ACE 21’ (ACSians Communicating Effectively for the 21st Century) uses communication skills to build competencies like creativity, innovation and cross-cultural understanding.

Five lessons on specific oral communication skills are taught to the students, and the experience cumulate in the ACE 21 Challenges, where respective levels come together to witness the best among them compete to be the most articulate and quick-witted. These are the respective programmes:

Year 1: Readers Theatre trains students in the art of public oratorical skills through performance.

Year 2: Dynamic Conversations focuses on the art of conversation and formulating opinions about issues.

Year 3: Visual Impromptu Persuasive Speech trains students in the spontaneous art of delivering a persuasive speech upon given a visual stimulus.

Year 4: Class Cooperative is a modification of the Harkness method where students are made to observe boardroom etiquette in a group discussion setting.