ACE 21

‘ACE 21’ (ACSians Communicating Effectively for the 21st Century) uses communication skills to build competencies like creativity, innovation and cross-cultural understanding.

The Years 1 – 2 programme will focus on building students’ individual communicative skills and covers aspects such as delivering speeches and engaging in conversations. The Years 3 – 4 programme will cover communication in a broader context such as usage of social media.

Through presentations, debates and listening woven into the English Language, Literature and Language Arts lessons, ACE 21 aims to develop students’ communication and critical thinking skills through a four-year framework developed for teenage learners. Some of the ACE 21 activities include

  • The Readers Theatre which introduces the element of drama into literacy learning and transforms the classroom into a stage where students take centrestage;
  • Socratic Questioning which facilitates students in developing and exploring ideas, focusing on the need for clarity of thought and writing
  • The Class Cooperative where students, as a team, direct the flow of discussion and are assessed by the quality of the overall communication and debate.

For: All Years 1 – 4 students.