OoTM as a CCA

ACOM Contingent

We welcome all who are interested to join our ACOM family. You can be a playwright, drama king, props builder, creative genius, budding artist or a steady worker- the more diverse our talents, the better. Auditions are in January-February for each calendar year.

Regular training schedule

Monday-Thursdays: 3-7pm (Semester 1)

Mondays: 3-5pm (Semester 2)

Competition season

05-06 April 2019 (Nationals),  May 22nd – 25th 2019 (World Finals Michigan, USA)

Other important information

First/Second Place for each division and problem will be given the opportunity to represent Singapore at OotM World Finals in May each year. This cost is to be fully borne by the members and is estimated to be in the range of $3500-$4000.