Accessing Microsoft Teams for the WE Symposium

Signing up for a Microsoft Account (with email address that was given to the organisers for the WE Symposium)

The morning and afternoon breakout sessions will be hosted on the Microsoft Teams platform. As this is a secure service, you will need to create a Microsoft Account with the email address that you have given to the organisers in order to access the channels and Team groups that we have created to host the workshops.

To do this you will need to access the Microsoft site and create an account. A simple guide on how to do this has been provided in the attached Powerpoint Presentation titled ‘Creating a Microsoft Account’.

Please note that you CANNOT use an existing Microsoft Account that is tied to another email address to access Teams.  You must create a new account which is to be linked to the email address that was given to the organisers.

Accessing & Using Teams

Please look out for an email from Microsoft Teams containing a link that will grant you access – upon logging in with your created account – to our Teams Groups. Once you have received this email please follow the steps in the attached presentation titled ‘Guide on Using Teams’ to access Teams.

Creating a Microsoft Account

Guide on Using Teams